Leadership Social Media Programs and Training

Having an MBA or extensive experience "In the Business" is no guarantee that a member of your Senior Team will take to Social Media like an expert. They may even avoid engagement with Social Media like the plague.

We specialize in simplifying the Social Media experience for busy executives, while giving them the.tools they need to engage, and showing them how they can be more effective for the company by joining into the Social Media experience. We have had great success with most of the executives we have worked with, as long as we take the approach that it is not their responsibility to learn, but rather that it is our responsibility to teach them, and to give them exactly what they need to succeed, and nothing more.

We work with our in-company contacts to tailor our Leadership Programs to meet the user's needs, and we work on the user's schedule, wherever and whenever necessary. We provide customized account development, provide daily updates of relevant content or conversations, and tools designed to facilitate the executive's participation, at whatever level it is practical to expect they will engage.

Some of the senior executives we work with decide that they specifically prefer to NOT take part in the Social Media agenda and ask us to create an involvement for them at a minimum level. We can generally build a compelling profile for them, but our ability to respond to postings that are directed their way will be limited to the scope of understanding we have of the inner workings of their share of the business. If the business imperative demands that "they" participate, we generally enlist the aid of their administrative assistant or a subordinate manager, to allow responses to go out when absolutely necessary. In some cases we have been able to gain participation by providing a pre-programmed custom keyboard with programmed responses built in. This makes the job of participating easier, and assures that approved, if somewhat non-specific responses will go out. We generally limit this to just Facebook and LinkedIn, but it has nonetheless been effective.

Professional Training

For your mainstream professionals, we offer a lower-cost more structured Social Media training program that will empower them with the tools and guidelines to support their participation in the Company's Social Media Strategy as it touches them.
  • Social Media IS part of your Day Job
    We bring the message that the Company has a Social Media plan to build the business and we clarify what we expect from them in their participation. We place significant emphasis on the positive benefits gained... Better customer service, better Brand Awareness, and increased sales and profits.
  • Using Social Media to be more effective and to engage Customers
    For those employees who you designate as having specific Social Media-related responsibilities, we will train them how to use the tools, give them the writing tools and tips and give them positive reinforcement for their efforts. Our monitoring allows us to track the efforts of individual employees, so we can specifically aid those who can benefit from more instruction or mentoring.
  • Policies and Compliance
    An ill-informed or rogue employee can do your company significant harm with foolish postings, inappropriate photos, co-worker harassment, or by revealing confidential information. We make clear the limits that are established for them... For their own protection, and to protect your brand.