Innovation & Technology

In every form of communication technology, the pace of development is staggering. Let us help you embrace the best of what is new. The human brain is hardwired to seek out novelty. This is a neurological fact, and trying to repeat the same success from the last event using the same solution is bound to produce lesser results simply because the audience has seen it before. This is the rule in Social Media, but also applies to live events.
  • Better, Faster, More Reliable is the new standard.
  • We are the technology experts and the innovators.
  • You must become the gravitational force in your field, and we can help you become that force.
  • When you are the standard by which everything else is judged... you are on the way to winning.
  • We use technology to communicate your messages, and we use technilogy to establish that you are the industry leaders... always innovating, always at the cutting edge.
  • We innovate, but do it reliably and repeatably... no chances, just solid results.

Creative, Unique, Relevant

In designing an Event, just as in designing a Marketing Campaign or a Social Media Strategy, delivering relevant content and in a creative yet user-friendly way is the key to success. By working with you to establish what you want to communicate, and then examining what it is your audience wants... needs to know, we can tailor a communications program or a live event to deliver the message directly into the hearts of your audience. Too many meetings subject their audiences to "Death by PowerPoint", to ineffective projection, or to technology that betrays the presenter

Audiences attend meetings with expectations that they will learn, be inspired, and that they will see the best that your company has to offer. Too many meetings disappoint. Our goal is to make every minute of every event creative, unique and relevant, to let the audience know that we did it for them, and to ask for their feedback in how we can make the next event even better. This gets you the best possible value, and takes the audience one step closer to loving your brand.

Competitive Intelligence

Social Media is not just about you and your message. Your competitors are out there, and you can use Social Media to know what they are up to. This is not to say you need to fear talking about what you do... We are there to advise you of what to say and how to say it. By the way, your customers are using Social Media, too. What better way to stay aware of what they are doing and what they care about than by reading about it online.
  • What your competitors are doing.
  • What their customers are saying - good and bad
  • Follow industry trends as they develop, shape them...
  • Your customers are using Social Media - LISTEN !
  • Customers tend to believe other customers more than they will believe you. Keep them happy.
  • Use what you learn to give you a competitive edge.
  • Social Media relies on interaction between your company and your public. That interaction changes everything, and you need to stay aware of this.
  • If one customer says she wants something, 1000 more want it too, they just did not post.

Search Solution

Make search the focal point and acid test.  If you take the key words that describe your brand expertise you should be on the first page of organic search results for each search term. This is true not only of your website but of all of your Facebook posts and every tweet you do. Include "Hash Tags" in your tweets, and watch the key discussions about all of your keywords. Structured and consistent communications are far more effective than large and occasional bursts of content. We can help you develop search optimization practices that will multiply your search impressions exponentially. Just as realtors always chime out the "location, location, location" litany because it is true. If the customer can't find you, your business suffers. We will get you at the top of every search even remotely linked to what you do... Indeed, we are often so successful that it would become difficult to do a search and have you not appear at the top of the results.

Selling Globally Online

Want 4 billion new potential customers? Having an online commerce presence is much easier than you would think. We have built several ecommerce solutions for our customers, and we maintain them for them on an on-going basis. We use an open source ecommerce engine that is secure, reliable, flexible, and that has hundreds of contributing developers who sell commercial add-ons to make your store do absolutely anything you want it to... Want to have an affiliate sales program? Sell your consulting time and have the system automatically maintain your calendar for your availability? You can sell real, virtual or subscription products, track sales, even institute a customer loyalty rewards program. The platform is powerful enough to even be able to handle the distribution of company-specific documents, maintaining version control and strict security. Let us help you build a solution, set up a merchant account and put your products online.

Setting the Metrics for Success

Leave no doubt. Regardless of what your expectations are, it is much harder to meet or exceed them if they are not clearly defined. We'll help you set straightforward goals that fit your needs, your budget and your timeframe.

Doing a fantastic job on something two days after it is due is not really doing such a fantastic job. We have clear standards for success in the event business; we develop detailed plans for the execution of an event, and we adhere to them religiously throughout the production process. We define all of our anticipated challenges and deals with them as far in advance as possible. We try to develop the communications goals for an event first, and have those goals define all on-site execution. We guage audience needs and put them at the forefront of our planning process. We develop realistic budgets for a project, weighing the need for an event to run perfectly against the costs related to every desired component. We work with the best suppliers available, and help them to do their best for us. We hire the best on-site team possible... we are the best because we consistently work with the best. We develop our production schedule to include rehearsal time, and we never compromise the presenter experience. As much as possible, we encourage peer review during the rehearsal process, to help keep the event on message. We involve your audiences as much as possible before during and after the meeting, getting their input on what they expect, how we did, and what they want in the future from every event. We always to a post event review with all of the stakeholders in our event to review what was done, and how effective it was. We share the audience's input with each of our presenters, and provide them with a video of their presentation for them to review.