Corporate Events

We began in the industry producing and supporting Corporate events. We have expanded our scope to include Social Media, but we remain convinced of the effectiveness of a well planned and executed event, or a strategically planned presence at a trade show. Face time with colleagues and industry peers has no equal in launching ongoing relationships. We have participated in thousands of events, and we want to bring the insights learned in every one of them to your next event. Our event expertise, merged with our Social Media savvy, bonds these two powerful communications technologies.

Technical Services

Not all projects we are involved in need us to provide a complete management solution, but our clients still rely on our technical expertise, and because we are committed to doing whatever our clients need, we provide our technical services on an A La Carte basis... we can provide you with a Video Director, Technical Director, Technical Producer, Video Engineer, and highly qualified Video Projectionist, Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezzi artists, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator experts as well as programmers for Projection Mapping systems for Spyder, Encore, Pandora's Box or D3.

Social Media & Branding

Your company today is defined by your presence on the Internet... your website, and Social Media are the most visible ways for your customers to find you. Your employees are using social media, and you need to ensure that they are using it in a way that benefits, and doesn't harm you. You need to protect and enhance your brand's reputation in this digital world, and we can deploy best practices and support that goal. We can help you define a strategy to assure that the more prominent social media becomes, the more your business is able to keep up with tech-savvy competitors

What We Offer

Event Production
We have 30+ years in producing and managing events of all sizes. Product Launches, Sales Meetings, Trade Shows and interactive Social Media aware events.
Presentation Development
We develop content tailored to enhance your presentations. We provide writing and coaching support, as well as rich-media presentation development.
Technical Production
In managing your event we bring leadership skills, strong technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail. We partner with the best event technology firms to get you value and a flawless event experience. We work with the production team to deliver consistent and compelling events.

3D Projection Mapping & Design
This breathtaking development in presentation technology is becoming the keystone to many visual campaigns. We design content and execution strategies for architectual-scale presentations, and for more modest uses where this incredibly impactful technology can be used on a smaller scale with stunning effect. We have a unique prespective in designing for this medium as we have both extensive technical expertise, and decades of content production experience which allows us to optimize the capabilities of this technology.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media was designed for the masses to use, and use it they do, but effective sales, PR and promotion requires careful, expert planning.
Social Media Strategic Planning
Like any other form of marketing with real returns, a great social media strategy that converts – is going to cost you money. We help you maximize your effectiveness.
Full Technology Support
Regardless the technology, we are either expert in it, or can get you someone who is, to meet whatever your project demands might be. From Video Engineers to IT Specialists to CAD Designers, we have over 30 year's experience in delivering the very best in technical support.

Trade Show Development
If your company is attending a trade show, and you need booth design, presentation content and management, we can provide all levels of support. If you are having a major meeting and want to add a trade show element to add value and provide a revenue stream to your event, we are prepared to help with planning, exhibitor recruitment and show management. We can provide a turn-key service completely managing the trade show component of your event, integrating it seamlessly into your agenda.

Managing Media Campaigns
All great marketing campaigns are based on effective research. We do that, but we also monitor your results and adapt to enhance what is working best for you.
Employee Training
We work with your Senior Staff and employees to help them engage with Social Media in a way that will benefit you... and still do their day jobs.
Website Development
Your social profiles are where your fans will chat and interact – but your business website is where they’ll go to when they want to find out all there is to know about your company and services. We can build a site to best fit your needs and budget, designed to tell the story of your business.

Sponsorship and Grants
As the cost of events escalates, there is an opportunity for companies, franchise organizations and non-profit/educational events to offset their costs by seeking third party sponsorships of meals, parties, golf tournaments, registration and a myriad of the components of your meetings. We have a proven track record of matching potential sponsors with activities that match their budgets, which can improve the quality of your event in a way that is revenue neutral or that can help offset event costs...