Technical Support

The most practical and fastest available support mechanism is putting great facilities in place, and staffing them with bright and talented personnel.. We plan for inevitable changes so that when they occur we can give you what you need quickly. We provide a rich infrastructure so that we can answer most questions that start with "Can we..." with a resounding "Yes!" before you can finish the question. We stay current with technology, and we plan for your needs on an ongoing basis. This philosophy is present in all of the technical services we provide:
  • Video Engineering and Direction
  • Flexible playback and recording technologies
  • Presentation facilities and content support
  • Stage Management and Project Management
  • Design and delivery of Projection Solutions
  • Audio and Communications Design
  • Lighting Design and Scenic Development
  • Integration of Social Media Technologies
  • Ongoing performance analysis
  • Planning for and eliminating, the "unexpected"

Premier Creative Support and Content Development

Things change. The faster we are able to respond to your needs the more effective we can be. We design flexibility into everything we create.

You can do all the research, planning and strategy you want, but because success relies on interaction between your company and your public, your public can always throw a kink in your chain. There’s always going to be something that happens that you didn’t plan for or expect and those are the times when your strategy goes completely out the window. However, we will have done our planning and development properly, and we will have significant resources available to do whatever is necessary. Sometimes if we can respond fast enough, and visibly enough, we actually can turn problems into opportunities.

We provide creative support across the entire scope of your project, and we respond to your needs on a real-time basis, add production resources as needed.

Unlike the old school method of communication through one-way presentations we can help you present more interactively to better invlove your audience and invite them to join into discussions about your products and initiatives. Your presenters can benefit from peer-review and get coaching as they need it, and we can develop presentations that best match their needs and communication strengths. You presenters better engage with the audience, gain respect, acceptance and confidence. We find that this approach improves and provides for analysis of the effectiveness of everything we are doing for you.

Advanced Customer Services

For our Leadership Customers we offer personalized, one-on-one support. On your schedule. At your convenience.

This Concierge-level customer support is available whenever you need it, and we will pull together for you whatever you need. Last minute presentations, opportunity-driven events, or an Ad-Hoc consultation on the phone or face to face.